technology enhanced learning


Gamified Learning


Engaged Learning

Manage, measure and optimize learning experience
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A Complete Learning Cycle

Knowledge building is an iterative process. 
Instant feedback from the system accelerates the learning cycle.

Adaptive Learning

Our learning technology experts encompass aspects of computer science, education, psychology and cognitive science, to build the best personalized learning experience.

Performance Analysis

• Analyse student's response 
• Estimate student ability 
• Predict potential difficulties

Psychometric Engine

• Behavioural modelling
• Data-driven analysis 
• Instant feedback

Personalized Learning

• Tailor-made recommendations 
• Optimize learning schedule 
• Minimize redundancy in learning

VR Learning

Fully Immersive learning experience for students of all ages.
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AR Learning

Augmented Reality serves the best interactive learning experience with exciting 3D models in real-world environment.

Teachers, Students & Parents


Settle administration work at once. Manage classes and students with ease.


Get students engaged and connected.


Keep parents up-to-date with children's assignments, assessments and grades.

Gamified Learning

Unleash the gaming instinct 
Intrinsic motivation encourages building daily learning habit

Big Data, Machine Learning & Analytics

Recognize patterns in student and class behaviour
Identify common problems 
Help evaluate learning materials 
Give insightful predictions

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