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English Galaxy is a gamified English learning tool designed for children aged 5 to 12. Designed with learning materials for English Journey, published by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) according to the standard of Cambridge Young Learners English Test, English Galaxy seamlessly integrates all the knowledge points into the platform.

Class Integration

Teachers integrates teaching with English Galaxy Classroom version apps. The progress will be updated to students’ individual profile. English Galaxy will generate relative learning activities & daily missions.

Personalized Learning

English Galaxy Personal version uses an adaptive personalized learning framework, integrating machine learning, semantics networks (a network that represents semantic relations between concepts), big data and more. Through intelligent data analysis, appropriate materials and learning path will be given to each learner to improve learning efficiency.

Learn with English Galaxy

Travel around the Galaxy to collect stars to build your own island. An exciting journey is waiting for you now. The adventure begins on a peaceful island. You are the owner of this island, where you get on board your rocket and travel around the Galaxy to meet exciting challenges. Making use of your English knowledge, you can conquer tasks, rescue astronauts or even find myths of stars. By getting experience and stars, you can dress up yourself and decorate the island in your own style.

App Download

English Galaxy Personal version is an English language learning app that teaches learners through engaging learning games and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is English Galaxy?
English Galaxy is a gamified English Learning tool designed for children aged 5 to 12 and completed with a big data and adaptive learning system, which motivates students and raises their interests in learning.
How to Download English Galaxy?
For iOS users, English Galaxy will be available for free on App Store. For Android users, you may download the app from Google Play or Myapp (third-party app store by Tencent).
How to Sign Up for English Galaxy Account ?
English Galaxy is a supporting application of the textbooks. You need to purchase English Galaxy book set  before signing up. Inside the book set, there is an activation card to sign up an English Galaxy Account.
What can you do if you have problems during the game?
You can go to Help and Support in the setting page in game.
Still have problem?
If you still have questions about English Galaxy, you can get help by email us: